Combining skills and resources

The flourishing industrial sector in Saudi Arabia has given EMECO the opportunity and challenge to cope with increasing demands for industrial skills and resources. EMECO has performed exceptionally well in contributing to many diverse projects, from power plants to gold mines. In every case, EMECO has been successful in making its mark.

Field Electric Tanks

Superior quality, better results


EMECO is a highly-specialized provider of field electric tanks of all descriptions. Our expert teams strive to provide a complete solution, including all preliminary details and planning, then execute accordingly. Field electric tanks are mostly used for the storage of petroleum, chemicals, water or process fluids. EMECO custom-designs and constructs according to the particular type of field electric tank, providing the best results every time.

Mining Projects

Turning potential to performance


EMECO has been planning, designing and executing high-quality mining projects of virtually all types since its inception. To date, we have completed state-of-the-art gold, aluminum, phosphate, magnesium and copper mines in our journey of 30+ years.

Pharmaceutical Factories

Adhering to strict pharma rules


Pharmaceutical factories are a unique and difficult specialty compared to other types of construction, due to the increasingly stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry. EMECO has fully mastered the capabilities required to establish an effective pharmaceutical factory and is now a highly-respected leader in this field.

Power Lines

Energizing the future

EMECO has gained significant experience in the power line construction field, and is fully-qualified and enabled in electrical distribution and transmission line construction. No matter how daunting the task, we have done it – from overhead and underground line construction to maintenance and repair, to comprehensive installation services.

Power Stations

Powering up life

EMECO is extremely well-versed in the important field of power stations. Our team can perform sophisticated power plant observations and build an entire power plant from the original plans through final commissioning. EMECO is well-aware of the rigid regulations applied in this highly competitive market and knows how to navigate a project successfully from start to finish.


Following strict cleanliness standards


Slaughterhouses are an important component of the Saudi economy and culture, and as such are monitored strictly by authorities for hygiene. EMECO is an expert in the design, contracting and construction of healthy, efficient and safe slaughterhouses, having successfully built and renovated many over the years.


We know safety inside and out

Warehouses are a crucial asset for any major business. Building them correctly and as per industry standards is critical since they can damage goods due to inappropriate storage. EMECO has mastered the art of crafting warehouses and is able to deliver a customized solution that will meet the most demanding requirements.

Water lines

We understand the value of “liquid gold.”

Installing water lines for communities is a major health responsibility. EMECO is an expert contractor with decades of expertise in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal water pipeline installation.