About Us

Expanding and innovating since 1984


EMECO began its journey in 1984 as an electromechanical contractor. It has since evolved into a contracting powerhouse in Saudi Arabia, wholeheartedly devoted to the careful development of subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the kingdom, ensuring consistently high performance and judicious governance.
EMECO has a firm belief in not only excelling within its various fields of expertise but in ultimately helping to reconfigure the Saudi market for the future. In fact, the company has declared its mission to be “contributing to the Kingdom in achieving global rankings and being awarded international laurels”.

 With its parent company headquarters located in the prime business city of Jeddah, and a remarkable array of expert human resources available – bringing together a perfect balance of innovation and eminence – EMECO is well-positioned to play a leading role in transforming the contracting industry for the Saudi market, and to help take the Kingdom to a higher level of international excellence.

We Have Values

Our Vision

Aiming for new heights

EMECO’s vision is to be the preferred construction company by providing the highest quality of work and the most innovative contracting services in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

A constant drive forward

Our mission is to be part of the constant creative process that gives birth to new contracting solutions and helps raise industry standards in diverse construction fields. Ultimately, EMECO aims to delight clients by exceeding their expectations in terms of quality, aesthetics, budget and project lifespan.

Our Objective

A reputation built on client satisfaction

EMECO is striving to produce the highest quality work in line with international standards. Our basic objective is to work effectively and achieve the utmost in client satisfaction.


Dar Al Abbar Our parent company

Dar Al Abbar is a Saudi-based, family-owned, highly-diversified trading and investment group headquartered in Jeddah.
The group’s activities include the importation and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods, warehousing, and logistics, shipping, petrochemicals, hospitality, media, real estate development, and construction.
From its early beginnings in Makkah in the 1950’s, the group has grown into one of the largest and most-respected businesses in Saudi Arabia.

General Manager’s Message

Come Grow with EMECO

After 34+ years of dedication and hard work, EMECO is a name that is widely recognized and much appreciated. We are proud to be associated with groundbreaking architecture and unparalleled projects.
Since 1984, we have constantly been challenged by our projects and clients. But we always rise to the occasion and deliver outstanding solutions with our team of local professionals and keen experts. We are confident in our ability to continue our success on both national and international platforms while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality assurance.
With an increasingly urgent need for high-quality and unique contracting, EMECO is at the forefront of international and national plans. We are determined to make sure that any future relationships will serve as a testament to our unending commitment and eagerness to please.

Osama Dafterdar
General Manager