Rich experience + the right resources

EMECO is one of the most sought-after contractors in Saudi Arabia for two very good reasons: unbeatable experience and exceptional talent. Our long history and expertise ensure that we know how to get the most out of our people. At the end of the day, you enjoy the outstanding results.



Always our first priority

EMECO is not only hyper-aware of international quality standards, but adamant about following every one of them. In addition to general standards, EMECO has an internal quality assurance program that includes daily inspections and periodic internal and external audits. We also have a Quality Assurance team that ensures strict compliance with our well-defined standards. For us, maintaining quality is not just the job of one person. We believe in involving every possible resource and carefully educating our people about the benefits of delivering high-quality projects.


Fully committed to zero accidents

EMECO believes in providing a safe environment for its workers, visitors, subcontractors, and suppliers because they are not just employees and guests, but our family. We proudly maintain a consistent zero accident history. The credit goes to our workers, who are made consciously aware of their surroundings and are taught to watch each other’s back. In fact, we have a strict rule of not allowing anyone to work if the site is considered unsafe for any reason.



Tokens of appreciation

EMECO takes great pride in serving the construction industry, our community, and its people. We are immensely pleased to receive nods of approval and tokens of appreciation in the form of various awards and certificates. Here are just a few of them: