We understand the value of “liquid gold.”

Installing water lines for communities is a major health responsibility. EMECO is an expert contractor with decades of expertise in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal water pipeline installation.


From concept to creation

EMECO has a special interest in building residential compounds. We bring all the different parties onto one page and enable them to work smoothly together. Client, architect, consultants, and engineers sit together to discuss the possibilities and hurdles at various stages during the construction. Throughout the process, we consider it our duty to keep the owner fully involved, as residential projects are always highly personal and emotional.

Villas & Palaces

You dream it… We build it

Villas & Palaces​

Villas and palaces are grand by nature and require equally grand treatment as well as outstanding execution. High-end architecture demands uniqueness in terms of utilization of space and style, and EMECO has the special ammunition to succeed, including long-standing relationships with elite performers, specialized teams, celebrity architects, engineers and other custom resources.