Quality and integrity

EMECO operates primarily in Saudi Arabia. It is no secret that this region has experienced massive commercial growth in recent decades. EMECO has performed exceptionally in meeting the need for new commercial outlets such as malls, hotels, and airports, and has grown with the commercial boom in Saudi Arabia, which gives it a unique perspective and a distinctive edge over other contractors.


Making connections

Maintenance is a key factor in any sophisticated, high-end commercial or residential system, needed to ensure safety, comfort, smooth business and synchronous operations. EMECO provides reliable and high-quality maintenance and civil works facilities for virtually any residence, workplace or manufacturing facility with just one call.

Commercial Buildings

Building it right

EMECO is widely-admired throughout Saudi Arabia for its commercial expertise. In a history spanning more than three decades, the company has delivered many commercial masterpieces, and our clients have learned to appreciate and trust us because of our ability to deliver turnkey solutions.

Our team starts with a vision for each project that begins with a thorough discussion with clients and ends with a physical plant that thoroughly satisfies those clients. At the end of the day, EMECO takes full responsibility for the entire construction and for all relevant management procedures in any project.


Fulfilling religious duties

Mosques are at the very heart and soul of Saudi Arabia. EMECO thoroughly understands the value and importance of mosques for Muslims. We are proud to have built many mosques over the years, and we greatly respect the fact that a mosque is a place where people come to find spiritual peace. Our construction is always designed to create a harmonious space that resonates spiritually and emotionally with visitors.

Office Spaces

Creating signature landmarks for companies

Office buildings are a major component in our commercial portfolio, and a number of these buildings have become signature landmarks for their companies and brands. EMECO knows that an office is a physical, three-dimensional representation of the company and its goals, vision, ambitions, and aspirations. So our team goes far beyond the ordinary to understand the values of the brand and incorporate them into the construction.