Expanding and innovating since 1984

EMECO began its journey in 1984 as an electromechanical contractor. It has since evolved into a contracting powerhouse in Saudi Arabia, wholeheartedly devoted to the careful development of subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the kingdom, ensuring consistently high performance and judicious governance.

EMECO has a firm belief in not only excelling within its various fields of expertise but in ultimately helping to reconfigure the Saudi market for the future. In fact, the company has declared its mission to be "contributing to the Kingdom in achieving global rankings and being awarded international laurels".

With its parent company headquarters located in the prime business city of Jeddah, and a remarkable array of expert human resources available – bringing together a perfect balance of innovation and eminence – EMECO is well-positioned to play a leading role in transforming the contracting industry for the Saudi market, and to help take the Kingdom to a higher level of international excellence.


EMECO is a "one-stop shop" offering a perfect resolution for virtually all architectural needs. From feasibility to planning and throughout the various stages of execution, our outstanding team and resources are unparalleled, providing the best solutions for a wide variety of projects.


Working in many of the most rapidly-growing regions of Saudi Arabia, EMECO has helped meet client demands with the establishment of major commercial outlets, including shopping malls, hotels, airports and other vital facilities.


The industrial sector of Saudi Arabia is booming and continues to grow exponentially. EMECO has contributed substantially by facilitating numerous industrial projects, ranging from major factories and slaughterhouses to power plants and gold mines.


EMECO is particularly well-known for its outstanding residential projects. Individual residences, villas, compounds, multi-family residences, resorts and palaces built by EMECO encompass a wide variety of architectural styles and construction methodologies. Our Architecture division gives special priority to aesthetics, as well as the feasibility and practicality of the residential project overall.


Maintenance is a key factor in any sophisticated, high-end commercial or residential system, needed to ensure safety, comfort, smooth business and synchronous operations. EMECO provides reliable and high-quality maintenance and civil works facilities for virtually any residence, workplace or manufacturing facility with just one call.